The three great conflicts of the female mind – how to get that girl

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Published: 12th May 2011
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The conflicts of the female mind resumed in 3.

So you’ve tried everything, but your failed attempts to approach a woman keeps happening over and over. And now you are becoming desperate, you don’t tell anyone about this because: you feel that you will be humiliated? Guess what, there are thousands of men, even millions of men that are going through the same situation, so how to get that girl you’ve always wanted, in fact how to get any girl, or should I say, how to get a girl, how to get a girls, or even how to get the girls that seemed impossible for you in the past.

Well, if you are asking yourself the same questions, don’t worry because "Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box: A Man’s Guide to the Female Mind" have the answers.

Think about it, what if you have the ability to understand women conflicts and get inside any girls mind, what if, before approaching any women you know with pretty high accuracy what they’re thinking?, would it be enough for you to start a conversation that will lead to success, that will help you get involved with this girl, even to take her home?, what if I tell you that you can get any women addicted to you, just by understanding and getting inside female minds.

Just like we want the hottest girl, but the hotter she is, the more nervous we are to approach her… just like THAT’S a conflict for men, women have conflicts too. But because of how our brains are wired differently, they are MUCH more intense for women.

Ultimately, you have to understand these conflicts if you ever want to be exceptional with women. They are real, and women have to deal with them every day. Women take them for granted – and they almost ASSUME that men should know them too. That’s why there’s so much confusion between the sexes. That being said, just being aware of these conflicts is going to put us ahead of 99% of other guys she meets.

These three conflicts are: time, sex and relationship.

1. The conflict of time

Women are biologically programmed to mate with the man that are dominant for them, that one that make them feel secured, so they really want to spend time on finding this man, but they have the pressure from the society to get someone who has high status. It actually affects directly on why some women are single for long periods of time, and that’s why when women gets older they jump into men instead of waiting until men approach them like younger girls, and it all has to do with their feeling that the time is running out.

2. Conflict of sex

Women love sex as much as we do, but due to past emotional trauma and critical judgment, they are a little more reserved when the time to have sex comes, and that is exactly why they make out with you, they let you touch them, but there is often additional level of resistance right before you start having actual sex. No matter if we know they love it, or how great they feel, they have some kind of trauma preventing them to move on without any hesitation.

3. Conflict of relationship

Naturally and biologically speaking, we know that women have an internal desire of supporting or nurturing a family. Most of women have the strong feeling of being housewives, but the society these days demands that man and woman are equally growing up on their careers. That is why you often see successful women quitting their jobs, to start their family.

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